Awards Banquet to Honor Outstanding UVU Alumni
August 21, 2013  |   by Julia StoweRecipients of 2013 Alumni Awards From left to right: Alejandro Perez, Amie Huntsman, Jim Cardall, Martha Wilson, Patrick Milligan, LaVar Rockwood

Seven UVU alumni will be recognized for their contributions to the University and their personal achievements at the 14th annual Alumni Awards Banquet. The banquet will be held in UVU’s Grande Ballroom, where, for the first time, an Outstanding Alumni Award will be presented. The new award recognizes UVU alumni who bring honor and glory to the University through their accomplishments and pursuit of excellence. The first recipient of this award will be announced at the September 20, 2013, event.

The Wilson Sorensen Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to LaVar Rockwood, a professor of business communication courses and administrator who managed the construction of the Orem campus.

“Mr. Rockwood has a great love for this institution and this campus, which he was instrumental in creating. He deserves to be recognized for all of the hard work he did to get this campus built,” said Catherine McIntyre, UVU librarian.

The Legacy Award will be given to Jim Cardall, who has been instrumental in the phenomenal success of UVU’s Business & Economic Forum.

“Jim is the perfect example of someone who is not an alumnus but who is a dedicated friend and supporter of UVU, its alumni and its mission,” said Cristina Pianezzola, director of gift planning at UVU.

The Pinnacle Award will be given to Patrick Milligan ’88, chair of the National Advisory Council for the Woodbury School of Business who has created programs and enhancements that are helping students prepare for and find jobs in their fields of interest.

“Patrick really took the NAC to an executive level. Our business school and, frankly UVU, are better off today because of Patrick’s service, donations and commitment,” said Norman Wright, dean of the Woodbury School of Business.

The Alumni Distinguished Service Award will be given to Martha Wilson, who has beefed up programs for incoming students to improve their educational experience and help them succeed.

“Martha is a dedicated, highly productive professional with an exceptional work standard. She brings creativity to designs, concepts and structure, enhancing not only the content of programs but their appeal as well,” said Michelle Kearns, UVU director of student success & retention.

The Young Alumni Award will be given to Amie Huntsman ’99, an accomplished and dedicated UVU employee with an upbeat attitude that inspires others.

“I would dare say Amie bleeds Wolverine green! She loves UVU and its mission and is an ambassador of its message,” said Mike Walker, assistant campus administrator for UVU’s Wasatch Campus.

The Distinguished Student Service Award will be given to Alejandro Perez ’14, a student leader who has earned the respect and admiration of students, professors, and staff members.

“Engagement is Alejandro’s motto; he has a smile and a word of encouragement for everyone,” said Lisa Williamson, academic adviser for the Department of English as a Second Language & Basic Composition.

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